The right role for the right context

There are different styles of costume for different occasions that must be respected.

The youngest of us still have time before we have to get one. Unless you want to wander the corridors of your school in a suit and tie to make your classmates laugh and brighten up your daily life in high school, which is an average idea, save your budget for parts that you will need every day.

A quick reminder: your look depends on its consistency with the environment in which you live. Your age, occupations and professional environment will determine whether you need a suit.

If you are working and conditions require it, not to mention exceptional events such as galas, weddings and job interviews, it is time to head to the shops to get jackets, ties and all that. A watchword then prevails in your choices: sobriety! The costume is both a formal outfit and strongly accentuates your presence.

So leave out flashy tones, flashy colours and shine. To start, do it in the basics: a beautiful grey or navy blue in a fluid and matte fabric.

This idea of sobriety highlights a second essential reminder: it is not the outfit that dresses you, it is you who dresses the outfit. Thus, do not consider the suit as a uniform, you will not be able to identify with it and therefore be comfortable.

Appropriate the suit: beard and worked haircut, more audacity with the tie and glasses… the suit represents par excellence the formal side of the clothing, you will have to play on this aspect with its contrasts and discreet details to affirm your style. We will come back to this later.

One last point for people who work in an environment where the wearing of a suit is frequent. You’re going to need a strategy:

The ideal is to acquire three outfits that you will wear in turn.

Match them with different shirts and ties: you will always look neat (let’s hope this is really the case!). Varying your styles is also an exercise that will put you on alert against monotony and make you enjoy each day.

Always having a clean suit will boost your confidence!

Now that we know the basics of wearing a suit, let’s take a closer look…